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TV+Film VeeView - Bridgerton

Bridgerton - Series 1

Aired 25/12/20


Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family. - IMDb. Bridgerton is the tale, set in 1813 London, of the Regency rivalry between the lordly Bridgerton family and the lordly Featherington family who are each keen to be seen as the most lordly of lordly families. - Guardian. It also features a Gossip Girl-esq storyline where an (Unknown) Lady Whistledown publishes gossip stories of all in town with of course, lots of scandal!

Based on Julia Quinn's novels.


Epic: The costumes, the cast, the setting..stunning! I finally have a Downton Abbey hole filled! Especially as they have agreed to make 8 more series of it! Yipee

Fail: So I wanted to bring this up as it has recently had some bad press revolving around one scene. Which, when you watch it, has nothing wrong with it as far as dramas go.

It has been called out as portraying a forceful sex scene, actually when you see it in context its all about the hatred of a father/not wanting to continue a blood line vs the love of a new couple where one half wants a child and has been lied to about how you concieve. (Remember its 1813) It's not the sex act thats (towards climax) isn't wanted, its the thought of having a child. Both parties were in the wrong put by todays standards but I hate that it got bad press for this one scene which actually portrays a different side to this eras baby making culture as most dramas portray. However they say bad press is good press, so I guess it got us all gossiping about it. If only Lady Whistledown knew.

Standout performance

Simon (Regé-Jean Page) Ooh la la.. and Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) love & am still routing for her! She's like the Cinderella of the story!

Who will like this?

Period drama fans.. It's basically Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl.

See it now or wait?

See it now! Everyones talking about it. Available on Netflix.

Is there a future series?

Rumours are there will be 8 more! Each one will follow a different Bridgerton sibling.


Apart from the obvious highlight of Simon being the dashing new Mr Darcy on the scene.. The costumes were the best part! I couldn't wait to see what each character wore next! Plus the unfolding romance and guessing which character could be Mrs Whistledown. I was wrong.. dammit. (Reveals at the end!)

Overall impression

I got completely hooked and binged watch the first series in 2 days! Typical me.

It completely appealed to the Downton Abbey x Gossip Girl side of me and transports you into the Regency world of Bridgerton. You fall for all the characters who mostly are completely new acting faces, (Did you know Daphne is Sally Webster's (Corrie) real life daughter!) which makes this story even easier to fall into. It's the perfect evening / weekend watch to fill you with romance and gossip!



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