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I'm Victoria Bramwell (Vee), a British fashion / costume & graphics designer from Milton Keynes,

who currently lives and works in Cheltenham, UK. I am a freelance designer covering a variety of fashion, graphic, marketing, animation and social creations for a wide portfolio of brands, while also running my own small biz from home.

I have always been creative, using art, design and sewing skills to create clothes, accessories,

costumes and illustrations from a very young age.
China Bambi became my creative symbol for where it all began. 

A vintage Disney china Bambi moneybox would sit on a dresser in my Grandmothers guest room in her bungalow cottage in Norfolk, UK. Every holiday growing up my Grandmother would save money in the money box for my sister and I to use on creative purchases on holidays at Nanny's. 
We would sit for hours sewing, painting, drawing, creating what ever we could think of, a process which is still with me today, a constant drive to finish a project to see how the end result looks. We were free to raid our Grandmother’s closet full of vintage clothes, fabrics and haberdashery items like tins of buttons and ribbons to use in our creative ventures. The China Bambi represents my childhood, family, Disney obsession, my creative nurture and talent while reminding me of my closest family member, my Grandmother, Christina Bramwell, initials CB matching China Bambi.

My Brand, Blog & persona is named China Bambi.

I set up my fashion brand in July 2010 creating bright and beautiful coloured garments with the first collection ‘Wonderland’ under the name Victoria Bramwell Fashion. This was my Couture Graduate collection which I showcased at The Midlands Fashion Awards which then won me the Haute Couture Designer of the year and overall title for Midlands Fashion Designer of the year 2010!

I then followed this with a main stage feature at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.
In August 2011 the VB website was launched with a transactional online shop, allowing customers all over the world to purchase Victoria Bramwell fashion. Opening my brand with SS11/12 RTW 'Wonderland' collection available on Etsy.
In 2012 my Wonderland Collection was showcased on the Alternative Fashion week catwalk, while I also became one of the final 20 contestants in Rihanna’s fashion show competition STYLED TO ROCK on Sky living. I feature in episode 1 but unfortunately didn't make the final competition cut. However Rihanna did quote my Cheshire Cat jumpsuit as being "This, this is so SICK!" She also tried on my feather Tweedle Dee shawl! Insane experience!

Spending the following year based in sunny Santa Monica California, I broadened my experience overseas with LA designers, collaborating with other artists and showcasing in the finale show at RAW:Hollywood at The El Rey Theatre with my mix of Wonderland Couture/RTW on the runway and also producing two new season collections: Queen of the Sea & Mr Tash.
During this journey I wanted a slicker name and a symbol that represented my brand. I then remembered someone asking me what would I be if I was an object, anything.. Then it hit me.. China Bambi. When I started the brand, I aimed to created two collections a year: SS and AW couture fashion and along side this, a high street affordable range for Women, Men and Children. However the brand has now evolved into mini fashion collections (when I can find the time to make them ) alongside making custom made to order costumes and other quirky lifestyle/home products I think up on a daily basis. The cosplay side to China Bambi has really taken off along with the geeky gifting sector, so I love seeing how my brand evolves with its customers and still really resinates with me. I am a huge geek and love every product I hand make. 

The ethos of my work is to create colourful, fun and striking garments & products for the wonderfully bold. Mixing collections with ready to wear pieces and haute couture garments,

offering a variety of outfits and quirky items for everyone.

China Bambi is different; for those who want to stand out in the crowd, be individual, love coloured hair, the geeks who want halloween all year round, who support small business, buy quirky gifts, want hand-crafted, limited edition, timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. ​We are here for fashion, gifting + costumes.

I am inspired everyday and I enjoy the whole process of a products journey. Seeing a drawing come to life and finishing something you have created is an incredible thrill. I source all the fabrics & materials personally to achieve the highest quality whether it is the finest silk, the softest jersey or a quirky plastic dinosaur.

China Bambi incorporates fun texture, intricate bold designs, quirky geeky twists, colourful fabrics and unique prints & products.

All the products are hand-made by myself with love and care in the UK,

priding my brand on the best quality and craftsmanship.
I aim to offer everyone a unique fashion / costume and quirky lifestyle experience not available on the high street.


I am Alice in my own Wonderland.
My motto: Be Bold, Be weird and Be Wonderful.



ChinaBambi Tape-08.jpg
ChinaBambi Tape-08.jpg
ChinaBambi Tape-08.jpg
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