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Chi-Chi Bambi - Boxing day sale unboxing

The Zara sale on Boxing Day tempted me with a few goodies. See videos below:

Here they all are! I can't wait to style these up into outfits!

Item details & links:

Minnie & Mickey Disney tee - £7.99 (Small TRF sizes)

Pink Disney Bambi tee - £7.99 (Small TRF sizes)

Black leather bralette - £19.99

Red tartan leggings - £12.99

Princess Leia Star Wars jumper - £29.99

Alice t-shirt - £7.99

Pink Troll t-shirt - £7.99

Barbie bodysuit - £12.99

Grey Disney Bambi tee - £7.99 (Small TRF sizes)

Love Chi-Chi Bambi


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